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The Lore of Blood Eater Revenant Ozohr of Nightmare Paradise

Ozohr is most active when wizards sleep, visiting them in their dreams. They say that when some wizards visit Nightmare Paradise, they never wake up, joining Ozohr as minion in his undead campaign to haunt all wizards.

The Mystic Ozohr, before he passed through the flame, used to spend much of his time sleeping, he loved living in the dream world. Although coming from a mystic family, Ozohr had never displayed any special gifts, choosing to spend most of his time sleeping and dreaming. Only later did people realize he had the ability to visit them in his dream state... Before the tower of Fire, Ozohr mostly did harmless things in his dreams, planting seeds of ideas, visiting the Wizard Empress once and having her dream of marriage to the very boring Ozohr.

Rejected from the world, sent to the fire, the Blood Eater emerged and all those powers of sleep teleportation transitioned to the lust for blood.

It is said that only the wafting odor of the magical Soul Rose will awaken a wizard once put under the spell of Ozohr. The only defence to never go under is to consume one Jelly Donut per month, to ward away the powers of Ozohr.

Otherwise you will be spending your time in Nightmare Paradise.

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Blood Eater Revenant Ozohr of Nightmare Paradise (#5455)
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