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# The Howling Ring

Soul #5462 was spending the evening at The Forgotten Tavern, reading a specific page in a curious looking diary. He spent hours re-reading the same page over and over.

Lost and Confused

by Wizard #5462

ring-ring ring-ring ring-ring

The persistent ringing clouds my mind. Wizards, Kobolds, Warriors and even the Creatures of the Runiverse mocking me everywhere I go. The Magus Wazir imposter, they call me. One day, I will show them and get my revenge. Revenge....I once heard a group of wizards say that the best revenge is to find true happiness.

Hpmh, happiness?

Is that something I can ever find? Surely not as myself. If only I could just become someone else. A new identity. Why did I have to be born a Dream Master with a Siren's Bell?!

Soul #5462 finally rips the page out of the diary and throws it in the nearby fireplace.

"I got my wish", he softly says to himself.

Other tavern patrons curiously drew attention to the fire as it began making a ringing sound.

Soul #5462 slowly gets up, turns to the bystanders and walks to the exit without breaking eye contact. As he gets to the door, he pulls out his Banshee's Bell and gives it a ring. A resounding, echoing howl fills the tavern as Soul #5462 sets out for a fresh start in the Runiverse.

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Wraith Captain Zaim of the Bleep (#5462)
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