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Ethereal Spectre Silas of the Death Cloud (#9343)

Owner: 0x0822…158F

Ethereal Spectre Silas of the Death Cloud

Silas is one of the Ethereal Souls. He is also an Ecto Flame Knight.

Formerly known as Wizard #9343, a Cosmic Arcanist living in the Great Canyon, Silas had an insatiable appetite for dark magic. At some point during the Infinity Veil Battle and submission to the Sacred Flame, the corrupted Arch-Magician somehow resurrected after a mysterious demise. Thus, he began his journey to power.

His sudden and uncontrolled growing strength eventually transformed him into a merciless Forgotten Soul and he became an Ethereal Spectre. Initially, Silas worked to keep foolish and naive Wizards lost in the Death Cloud from trying to access the Ethereal powers.

While thinking on the fading Sacred Flame that turned him into a Soul, he began to have visions of a coming "Age of the Ethereal". Later on he founded the Ecto Flame Council, utilizing a darkness, far beyond that of Humanity, known as the Soul Rune Of Saturne. The Ecto Flame Council was founded to serve Silas and provide a steady stream of sacrifices. He gathered eight Ethereal Souls to the Death Cloud.

Unfortunately, the cursed power of the Ecto Flame eventually consumed him, and the Council appears to have become nothing more than a group of merciless Souls seeking Silas' legacy in the Ethereal Void.

After Silas was betrayed by the Council, the legend says that he started dreaming about the Legendary Soul #6646 and sought to devour all of them.

Entered by: 0xd128…15b1 and preserved on chain (see transaction)