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My Friends call me Butch, It’s not my real name, my parents, God rest their souls, baptized me Ryan after my grand father. That was before some Robots controlled by some wicked wizards decided to murder them, you might wonder why. Don’t.

I hate those Machines.

Pop was a Butcher, I always carry his knife with me and that made the dread of robots. I have very few pleasure in this life, but when I see that little light going off in those droids fake eyes I’m gonna tell you, that is pure joy.

Our world is possessed by some ancient powers, they are hiding in the shadows, lots of things have been forgotten.

But when I will be done with those machines, I will come for their masters.

Magic will die and Warriors will rule.

And then you will call me, Ryan, Dread of Wizards.

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Ryan Dread of Robots (#11711)
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