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Excerpts from Wylan’s Travels on the Road:

Travelers, be wary of strangers. Don’t walk and never run. Because the Road has many dangers, And Wylan is just one.

Once, at a roadside tavern, a drunk Imp Warrior tried to pick a fight with Wylan. Everyone in the tavern regretted it. Including the Imp.

Wylan was asked to escort a princess across the kingdom for her marriage. Nine months later, she delivered a son. Her betrothed had been at war the entire time.

Wylan was banned from those lands.

People say Wylan is part Kobold. But never to his face.

One night, during his adventures, Wylan fell asleep at his camp under the trees and stars. A Furgnome Scavenger crept upon Wylan’s camp. He spotted Wylan.

The Furgnome backed away slowly. He didn’t want to wake Wylan up. He owed Wylan money from a card game last winter.

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