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Sharon Armageddon of Pain (#12260)

Owner: 0x0165…A6C5


was born in a farmer's family outside the big city. She had a hardworking life on the farm, and it got even worse when her father died when the whole area was robbed by starving people from the suburbs of the big city. She had to keep the farm running on her own since her mother was not able to work on the field anymore and her little sisters were too young.

It was after three years of drought and another robbery by thieves when she decided to give up the farm and leave her family. Sharon moved to the city to earn at least a little bit of money. While the life on the farm was hard work, she was not prepared for the city life, what almost broke her. It was a normal, boring day at the bar when an old man entered the room. There was magic around him, but it was hard to tell what it was. It was late at night, almost sunrise, when it was only them at the bar, when he took off his coat and a sword came to the light. It looked like an ordinary sword, but Sharon knew that this was the magic she felt, and the stranger saw it on her face. It already was late, but the stranger wanted one last drink before heading out again. But there was no more wine behind the bar, so Sharon went to the cellar to get another one, she liked the stranger or was it something else? When she came back with the last bottle of wine, she found, the stranger was gone ... but leaving the sword behind. Sharon didn't know what to do, so she grabbed it to put it away ... but it was this moment when all of her body was filled with magic and the sword started to shine in all the wonderful colors of the rainbow. It was this night when Sharon was last seen at the bar. She now fights for the people she left behind, for the end of greed and poverty, for a better world - an endless and exhausting fight. But soon she discovers she was not on her own in this fight ...

Entered by: 0x0165…A6C5 and preserved on chain (see transaction)