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Florentina, Hammer of Glory and the Hall of Cats

Florentina, Hammer of Glory, was a fierce and skilled warrior, feared and respected by all who knew her. She had come to the Runiverse from a faraway land, seeking adventure and glory. With her companion, the northern lynx named Laura, by her side, she roamed the lands, facing down all manner of enemies and overcoming seemingly impossible odds. Florentina's armor of fire was a sight to behold, and her shield, depicting a frog, was a symbol of her strength and tenacity. Her weapon, the bo staff, was a formidable tool in her hands, and she was an expert in its use, having trained for many years in the martial arts of her homeland. Laura, her companion, was a fierce and independent animal, much like her human companion. She was a skilled hunter, and her long legs and furry feet made her well-suited to traveling through the snowy wilderness. Her black-tipped tail and tufted ears marked her as a northern lynx, a rare and majestic creature. Despite her fearsome reputation, Florentina was a kind and compassionate woman, with a deep love for all creatures, especially cats. And Laura, her companion, was her constant companion, a source of comfort and support in the many battles and adventures that lay ahead. Together, Florentina and Laura roamed the Runiverse, facing down all manner of dangers and enemies, always looking for the next challenge and adventure. And as they looked to the future, they knew that they would face it together, with courage, strength, and the unbreakable bond of companionship.

Meeting Tabitha in the Swamp

As Warrior #2854 made her way through the Frogmaster Marsh, she couldn't help but feel a sense of unease. She knew that the Hall of Cats, the guild she so desperately wanted to join, had many enemies, and she knew that the marsh was home to one of the most powerful and feared wizards in the Runiverse, Wizard #6154. Florentina knew that Tabitha and her familiar, Blimpy the albino rat, were fierce opponents of the Hall of Cats. She had heard stories of the powerful magic that Tabitha wielded, and knew that she would have to be careful if she hoped to pass through the marsh unharmed. As she made her way deeper into the marsh, Florentina came across a strange and mysterious figure. It was Tabitha, her green skin and hair a stark contrast to the dark and twisted landscape of the marsh. Tabitha greeted Florentina with a cold and calculating stare, her rat Blimpy perched on her shoulder. Florentina knew that she was in the presence of a powerful and dangerous wizard, and she braced herself for the worst. But to her surprise, Tabitha did not attack. Instead, she spoke to Florentina, her words measured and precise. "I know why you have come to the marsh," she said. "You seek to join the Hall of Cats, but you must know that my kind and I are opposed to their ways. We will not stand idly by as they seek to dominate and control the animals of the Runiverse." Florentina was taken aback by Tabitha's words, but she knew that she could not back down. She steeled herself and spoke with determination. "I understand your concerns, Tabitha, but the Hall of Cats is a noble and just guild. We seek to protect and preserve the animals of the Runiverse, not to dominate and control them." Tabitha considered Florentina's words for a moment, her eyes flickering with a hint of something that might have been respect. "Perhaps," she said at last. "But I will not stand idly by as you pass through the marsh."

The capture

Florentina's journey to join the Hall of Cats took a dark and unexpected turn when Tabitha, the powerful wizard of the Frogmaster Marsh, took her hostage. Blindfolded and disoriented, Florentina was led deeper into the marsh, her fate uncertain.

As they walked, Tabitha told her plan to Florentina. She knew the location of the Hall of Cats' headquarters, and she intended to use Florentina as leverage to gain entrance to the guild. "As I said: I will not stand idly by as the Hall of Cats seeks to dominate and control the animals of the Runiverse," she said. "I will use you and your companion, the lynx Laura, to gain entry and put a stop to their ways."

Florentina was horrified by Tabitha's plan. She knew that the Hall of Cats was a noble and just guild, and she couldn't bear the thought of her companion, Laura, being harmed. She pleaded with Tabitha to let her go, but the wizard was resolute. "You must understand," she said. "I will do whatever it takes to stop the Hall of Cats, even if it means sacrificing one life for the greater good."

Tabitha blindfolded Florentina, took away her weapons and shield and went on her way to the Hall of Cats.

The gates of the Hall of Cats

"I demand from the gatekeepers of the Hall to let me and my fierce Blimpy enter and parlay the release of one Florentina, Hammer of Glora and her hideous lynx Laura. If you do not open the gates, i will put the cat on Florentinas staff and cut her head off!"

But as Tabitha stood in front of the gates of the Hall of Cats, making her threats and demands, a powerful voice echoed from above. It was the voice of the Wizard #6044, the grand master of the Runiverse, and it was filled with authority and power.

"Tabitha of the Marsh, you are wrong," the voice boomed. "The gates of the Hall of Cats may only be entered by cats and their companions. You and your rat, Blimpy, are not welcome here." Tabitha was taken aback by the voice, and she knew that she had overstepped her bounds. She had always thought of herself as a protector of animals, but she realized that she had been misguided in her actions.

"Forgive me, Dotta," Tabitha said, bowing her head in humility. "I only wanted to protect the animals of the Runiverse, but I see now that I was wrong." The Dotta's voice softened, "I understand your intentions Tabitha, but the Hall of Cats is a guild for cats and their companions, not for human wizards. You cannot enter here. But you may find your path in other guilds or paths that will suit you better."

The release

Tabitha nodded, accepting the Dotta's words. She left the gates and returned to the marsh, where she released Florentina and Laura. She apologized for her actions and returned Florentina's shield, weapons and the rune of Neptune, which she had taken by magic.

"I'm sorry for what I did," Tabitha said to Florentina. "I hope you can forgive me. I know that you are on a quest to find the Hall of Cats, and I will not give you its location. You will have to continue your quest, but I wish you the best of luck."

Florentina was surprised by Tabitha's words, but she could see the remorse in her eyes. She thanked Tabitha for her apology and forgave her. Florentina then set out on her quest once more, determined to find the Hall of Cats and become a warrior. Tabitha watched her go, knowing that Florentina had a difficult journey ahead of her, but also knowing that she was strong and capable. Tabitha then turned back and went to her home, the swamp. She thought about her actions, and how she had acted in the wrong way trying to protect animals, but she knew that there were other ways to do that and she will try to find them and make amends.

The End

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Florentina Hammer of Glory (#2854)
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