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William the Magic Warrior

A Humble Beginning:

William was an odd character. There was often an aura of mystery about him. * Legend had it that he was a great hero, endowed by the gods themselves. Though he seemed completely passable. Nothing of him seemed out of the ordinary and certainly not extraordinary.

William could be found on the fringes of The Fey. He often spent his day fishing, foraging in the forest and speaking with odd wizards that left him in a state of perceptual awe. He was in love with all magic and seemed intrinsically drawn to it. Though he did not posses magic himself.

On long excursions to nearby villages, William passed by many folk. Though never did he once see anyone whom particularly interested him. H was a solitary man, who preferred to keep to himself. He did not even feel connection to the many beast and critters of the fey, but rather, quite annoyed with them.

William had heard an ancient tale that seemed to speak of him. In his younger years the village astrologer had William's parents convinced that he was Wiltus, a legendary hero of the Runiverse, destined to be born soon. The village much anticipated his birth, hoping that it would be the event that put them on the map and opened up better trade opportunities. However, his birth cause much disappointment.

And so, William worked as a mercenary. He would take jobs in slaying monsters or fighting in nearby skirmishes. He made a good warrior and he was satisfied with his way of life.

End of Book I

*An ancient manuscript in the Runiverse read:

In the early Years of the Monarch God, A-Tul slew Solan, God of Light, and in his act endowed three mortal men with his power. Shortly after A-Tul,God of Wrath, decended from Elysium to Adamah, becoming the mortal Illander. After the death of Illander and at the beginning of the Solar Years Adumek was born, the first of three mortals endowed by A-Tul. The last of these men was Osirion, Scorn of Adamah, born many thousand years after the death of Adumek, Smith of Azan. In the middle of these warriors was born Wiltus, known as William, he who slew Rattus.

This manuscript was believed to have been penned by the Wizard #0 himself. Though it is not certain.

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