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Chapter 1: Sharon Eidolon was heavy in thought with her mare pulling an empty cart when three rag-tagged souls came out from the bush-line to block the path. “Pay us the toll and you will save yourself some pain.” they sneered.

Sharon mentally calculated the situation she was in: numerically disadvantaged, but not necessarily outskilled. Their poorly maintained weapons and lack of strategic positioning to maximize their numerical advantage clearly showed their overconfidence and lack of discipline.

“Well guys, I think you have the wrong road. I have been travelling up and down this road for months and there is no toll on this road. It will be better to let me pass than earn yourselves a trip to the nearest infirmary.” Sharon replied.

“Oh wow guys, looks like we picked on a wrong lady today, lets….” the first man of the rag-tagged group appeared to turn to walk away but suddenly swung his axe around for a surprise attack! Sharon was more than well prepared for that amateur trick. The rag-tagged group was disarmed and on the ground in a flurry of activity in less than 2 minutes. It happened so fast the three was not sure what transpired.

“Twang!” The unmistakable sound of a bow release. Sharon heard that and saw an arrow flying straight at her but it was too late for her to react. Just before the arrow hit, Sharon was hit by a force that sent her tumbling back but that also displaced the arrow! A simultaneous crackle of a “Broken Arrow” spell sped towards the source of the arrow. The archer did not stand a chance against that magic attack and collapsed to the ground.

“You alright? My “Force Bolt” might have padded too much of a punch there. I cast that in haste.” The magician asked as she approached.

“Thanks for that punch! I will gladly take that punch than being a pin cushion! I will have been looking at a long recovery if not for you.”

“I am Warrior #7760. And you are?” saying as she picked herself off the ground. “Wizard #9935

“Well Wizard #9935, I am in debt to you. Care for a round at the Tavern’s bar? Drinks on me.” Sharon offered.

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Sharon Eidolon of the Arena (#7760)
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