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Sorcerer Hadrien of Elysium (#2452)

Owner: 0x8AAe…2f8c

The Lore of Sorcerer Hadrien of Elysium

Hadrien had taken a long path to be the man he is today. As a child, he spent all his time playing with his familiar named Fia. They both created certain havoc by lighting fire at unwanted places using the inner magic that he commanded at his own will. Fia helped foster in him the need to play with her and with fire at the same time, and he occasionally got over-excited when playing with her.

His foster parents decided that Red Church was going to provide him the right path, considering his unique abilities. So, at the tender age of eight years, he joined the red church. He was raised to be a cleric, yet his critical and rational mind made this process a challenging one for multiple reasons.

The most prominent challenge was his drive to study religion from a neutral perspective without judging the good forces nor the evil ones. He discovered that his innate abilities were uncommon, and they could be maximized by channeling brimstone. This boosted his abilities beyond his control, which resulted in some serious injuries.

Another major challenge was his willingness to study and openly discuss both accepted and dangerous books and manuscripts. This led to identifying how to properly use the goblet of immortality, which enabled him to increase its effects, and use it to heal his self-inflicted injuries among other applications.

Once he was bestowed a red cleric, he proposed to go to a mystic place known as Elysium, where gods and heroes live. The Red Church set him in a nearly impossible task if he was to be awarded the position at Elysium: retrieving a cult object for the Red Church in the deepness of a volcano. He managed to do this by taking advantage of his innate fire domain, his rational ability, and his immortality. He was awarded the position at Elysium. He is now serving the inhabitants of Elysium and providing them with Red Church wisdom and teaching. He is secretly looking forward for a chance to go for an adventure.

Entered by: 0x3686…73dE and preserved on chain (see transaction)