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Crowley of the Gnostics (#2722)

Owner: 0xE6Cf…B456

Crowley of the Gnostics, Firestarter, Bearer of the Divine Light

He keeps the flame from matins to lauds

Looks up like Thomas to God

"Is this all my magic shall light?"

Crowley asks every night

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Summoning of the Squad: The Tale of Anjuna

Long ago…” Crowley would always start his tall tales.

He had a habit of setting the stakes high—lofty embellishment! But there was one tale that Crowley of the Gnostics didn’t have to exaggerate. And it didn’t involve his ritualistic lighting of the tower. Or his discovery of the Divine Light. This was a tale of triumph.

Long ago, with the plagues raging, Red Wizard Capital was deserted. This was a time when Crowley had just established himself in the Capital. Our story doesn’t begin with Crowley, but instead another wizard: Wizard #1668.

Another holdout in the Capital, Sorcerer Kamil believed in the future of the city. Being a Dream Master, only the dreariest of reality held back his Magical Thinking… and the plague was lifting. It was at this time that Sorcerer Kamil caught wind of the messiah Lane 8 of the Anjuna touring the lands. The magic of this messiah was believed to have incredible healing powers—his spell able to repel the most wrenching of plague afflictions. His spirit itself was infectious.

Sorcerer Kamil of the Keep, a strong believer in the occult ways of Anjuna, decided to band together a legion of disciples to track down the notorious Lane 8. He would bring back this mysterious power and revive the festive nature of the Capital. However, Sorcerer Kamil’s task was lofty. The path to Anjuna was arduous and he could only assemble a small squadron for the trek.

This “squad” was comprised of himself, a Dream Master; two Red Wizards, Wizard #2722, and Wizard #1141; and, finally, a Woodland Shapeshifter, Wizard #9074. Because times of plague were tough, this squad sought funding from a mysterious purveyor of knowledge and wealth. Only known by the name “Autism Capital,” this Baron of the Spectrum was the last piece of their puzzle.

Their plan was to venture to the land of Mirage in a faraway island named only “BK.” The squad ventured far and wide to gather supplies… they acquired all manner of mysterious medicinal potions and incantations. But it seemed preparation was their hardest battle. A great beast known as the L would ferry them to the Mirage, with Autism Capital in tow!

At Mirage, the squad observed ceremonial practices… imbibing of ale and meditative dance. Through all forms of gluttony, the disciples gave into the spiritual power of Anjuna. The squad carefully observed these practices, with Arch-Magician Soya taking fierce notes.

The ritual was engrossing. Soon, each member of the squad found themselves in the pit of the disciples. Cosmic Mage Atlas led the charge, quickly making inroad with his Hobgoblin’s Flame hoisted above the crowd. All fear of the plague melting away, they danced through dawn. Forever bonded.

The very next weekend, the squad began incanting this spirit and offering it throughout the city. Red Wizard Capital would fear no more. The squad brought vivacious life back to the masses!

The squad celebrating at Cosmic Mage Atlas' green lair.

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