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Diary Entry - 117

Ugh, I just had the worst dream about this huge...homunculus? Flesh golem? Ugh Atrocity, that's what it was!

A huge creature, wearing the skin of what looked to be a cucumber, maybe another kind of gourd? It looked to be stuffed to the brim with some kind of meat, but I couldn't really tell.

I remember running as hard as I can, but it was everywhere I looked...

I woke with such a start, but I had this horrendous lyric stuck in my head, and I must get it on paper so I can go about my day!!

Inoccuous as it was in it's manifestation
This frank in a sleeve has caused some frustration
No matter where you go, it lurks in the shadows
Waiting to embrace you in an endless fandango
There is no hiding from he who sees the universe
But living without the holy one is nothing but a curse

So join your brothers and sisters, please
Pray to the heavens and fall to your knees
Your eternal life is naught but a small toll
Just give into his love and he shall make you whole

All hail he, the mighty Cthucumber
Who awaits us all in a perpetual slumber
Deep in the core of each one of us
is something incredibly superfluous
A hotdog stuffed inside of a cucumber
how he came to be, it must make you wonder

You can never say no to his loving light
Just give in now, you can't win the fight
Bask in his love until you burst at the seams
Or else he'll find you inside of your dreams

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Enigma awoke with a start, convulsing and sweating profusely. She had just had the most intense, terrifying dream.

An intense feeling of loneliness and dread set over her as she realized she was not at home, but in the bowels of the cave system that she had gotten lost in over 2 weeks ago!

Had she been out that entire time? The dream was vividly intense, though the longer she was up, the more the visions faded from her mind.

Visions of being kidnapped, turned into a kobold (a green one with ears? could you believe that. We ALL know kobolds are yellow and have horns), and worse, watching her poor beloved slime, Fred, get tortured and eaten alive by the same kobold that kidnapped her!

As the last bit of terror and imagery fled from her mind, Enigma seemed to regain fully control of her faculties, and stood from the spot wher she had previously collapsed over two weeks ago.

Although Engima had fabulous night vision thanks to her swamp witch genetics, it was still sufferingly dark, and could barely see more than a few inches in front of her face.

After standing and collecting her belongings, Enigma pulls The Caduceus off of her back, and holds it high, mumbling a small, homebrewed incantation.

In mere seconds, the staff lit the cave with a gentle blue light. What she saw before her was an endless cavern that stretched far past the range of her glow. Ancient ruins of a vast city spread around her, giving no hint which might be the direction out.

"Fred, I think-" Enigma stopped mid-sentence realizing Fred was not in his customary spot in her hip pouch.

This is where the panic really started to set in. Fred was her slime familiar, one she created, and one she bonded very heavily with. Fred was her best friend, and there really was no way around it.

"Ok Enigma, take a deep breath. He can't have gone that far." She said, pushing her green curls out of her face, rummaging through her hip pouch for who knows what.

Moments later, an excited gasp slips out of Enigma and she holds a bit of dried meat out in an extended hand. (One thing Fred loved more than Enigma was jerky. Engima didn't even eat meat, but would lovingly prepare this yummy little snacks for her friend.)

Fred was a quantum slime, and could travel time and space. It would only take a moment for Fred to appear when it was snack time, but he wasn't answering the call.

A storm of anxiety started to rage within the swamp witch, as she began desperately calling out for her familiar.

Hours would pass as she wandered from ruined building to ruined building, carefully looking for her slimy little companion. Eventually, she would stumble on him, injured in the open.

The moment she set eyes upon the slime, she moved with a speed usually reserved for legendary creatures. As she fell onto the ground next to Fred, her caduceus began acting on it's own.

It hovered in the air for moments before lighting up an intense blue, as Enigma scooped the battered slime up off the cave floor. Soon, Enigma and Fred would be bathed in the magical glow of the caduceus, which had the power to heal any injury (as long as the injured target was still alive).

It took what felt like an eternity for our Enigma, but in reality it was only moments before Fred's 'eyes' opened and began to regain consciousness.

The healing light had restored the faithful slime's lifeforce, and immediately began hopping up and down all over Enigma, clearly excited to see Enigma.

"Ugh Fred!!" Engima exclaimed between sobs, as she scooped him up into her arms and began crying uncontrollably into the slime.

After the two had a moment to reunite, Fred took off down into the dark cave, beckoning Enigma to follow.

"Did you find a way out you clever little blob??" Enigma asked herself, chasing after Fred.

(Will these two find their way out of the cavern? What are all these ruins?? Did they finally stumble on the lost city of Atlantis? Stay tuned and find out!!)

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