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Transmuter Hadrien of the Tower (#569)

Owner: 0x780e…4395

The Story of Hadrien

"My greatest pleasure comes when such people crumple to their knees and I look down upon their disbelieving faces as their plans fail."

In pursuit of magical power, Hadrian gave up his wealthy life at an early age. He spent a lot of years wandering to figure out what he wants before he had the ability to pursue magic.

After accidentally seeing an old man turn his cane into a snake, he decided to follow in his footsteps.

Many years later, he got his Goblet of Immortality and a Topaz Slime, now he can easily turn some stones into gold. With the help of spells he could also point people into pigs and bears.

On his way to pursue power, he met the Aeromancer Aiko @wizard 6739 at the Valley. They learned the Rune of Brimstone together. Aiko warms his cold heart sometimes for letting him play with her Rabbit Celine. Hadrien loved Celine so much, that one day he turned her eyes into Diamond. That's the story of Aiko's Rabbit, Celine the diamond eyes.

Entered by: 0x780e…4395 and preserved on chain (see transaction)