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The Lore of Augurer Qasim of the Wood

Augurer Quasim of the Wood is a festive Punjabi Wizard. He loves his cat and dream pony, Barnaby the Bold. Legend has it, he once drank an entire barrel keg of ale whilst hand standing upside down upon it. Augerer Qasim is a lesser known traveler and entertainer, however once his limmericks befall a fair maiden's ear, she becomes powerless to resist his charm and charisma. But dont let this festive fellow fool you, for he is no stranger to battle. In fact, the more ale he drinks only empowers his fighting instincts further during a melee. Some say that he has developed his combat technique inspired by his ferocious familiar feline. He can make loud and intimidating cat sounds that psych out enemy opponents. Truth be told, not all battles can be won. Augerer Qasim's dream pony Barnaby often has to rescue him from his less succesful engagements. Barnaby the Bold is a trustworthy steed, but has been known to break into Qasim's beer and drink all of it. Augerer Qasim of the Wood is always ready for the next adventure... but hopes its his next pint!

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++The Forgotten Voyage++

In the land of the mortal earthlings a void rift had appeared

a nexus portal calling all the chosen the forgotten voyage is here

We were only men when we were called to sea to sail through dimensions to a new reality

forgotten runes in wizards hands tales of a new 8-bit land

were going to start a wizard band and here is a taste of what we have

I am Qasim yes I am I traveled here from the meatspace land krakens and creatures are in our path clairvoiant faye will put em on blast

when will be at the new land they promised me I cant wait to see what the Runiverse will bring ancient tales of wizard spells and summoning familiar things Loki's bridge, the rainbow spell granted us safe crossing

I am Qasim yes I am I traveled here from the meatspace land the ship withstood the rocking waves the forgotten voyage had made its way!

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Augurer Qasim of the Wood (#6182)
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