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A Lore prompted by myself, written by chat gpt. illustrations promtped by myself, created by dall.e

"The Beer Drinking, Guitar Playing Wizard Qasim"

Qasim was a wizard like no other. He was known throughout the Runiverse for his love of beer and his skill with a guitar. He lived a peaceful life in a small cottage on the edge of the forest, where he spent his days brewing and playing music. But little did anyone know, Qasim had a secret talent - he could create the most delicious and potent ale in all the land.

One day, Qasim received a vision in a dream. In it, he saw a majestic pony named Barnaby the Bold. Barnaby told Qasim that he had been chosen to save the troubled wizards of the Runiverse by supplying them with mugs of his ale at a forgotten tavern deep in the forest. Qasim was skeptical at first, but the dream was so vivid and real that he couldn't shake it off.

Without hesitation, Qasim set off on a journey to find Barnaby and the forgotten tavern. After many days of traveling, he finally came upon the tavern, hidden deep in the forest. As he approached, he could hear the sound of music and laughter coming from within. Excitedly, he pushed open the door to find Barnaby the Bold standing before him, holding a mug of ale.

"Welcome, Qasim," Barnaby said with a smile. "I've been waiting for you."

Qasim was amazed. The dream had been real, and Barnaby the Bold was even more majestic in person. The two quickly became friends and set off on a mission to save the troubled wizards of the Runiverse. They traveled from village to village, offering mugs of Qasim's delicious ale to any wizard in need.

As they traveled, Qasim played his guitar and sang songs of hope and encouragement. The wizards they met were initially skeptical, but as they took a sip of Qasim's ale, their spirits lifted, and they began to believe that things could get better.

The wizards of the Runiverse had been facing a terrible enemy - the beasts of the realm. These creatures were fierce and powerful, and the wizards had been struggling to defeat them. But with Qasim and Barnaby's help, the wizards' morale was lifted, and they were able to band together to defeat the beasts once and for all.

Thanks to Qasim's ale and Barnaby's bold spirit, the Runiverse was saved, and the wizards were forever grateful. Qasim and Barnaby became legends in their own right, known as the "Ale-Bringers" who saved the day.

And so, Qasim and Barnaby continued to travel the Runiverse, spreading joy and hope wherever they went. They became known as the most unlikely of heroes, but their friendship and love of ale had saved the day.

The end

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