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Battle Mage Goliath of Arcadia (#7444)

Owner: 0xa5d0…8E76

Goliath was a wizard who loved to play fetch with his field dog Bruno. He would throw the dumb brown stick and Bruno would bring it back to him. But Goliath knew that the dumb brown stick was anything but dumb. It was actually a powerful magical stick that could cause a lot of problems if not used correctly.

One day, Goliath was playing fetch with Bruno and the dumb brown stick got away from him. Bruno ran after it and brought it back to Goliath, but not before the stick had caused some havoc. A nearby tree had been struck by lightning and a rabbit had been turned into a toad.

Even though Goliath was careful, there were still times when the stick would get away from him and cause some trouble. Once, the stick turned a whole field of flowers into weeds. Another time, it made it rain frogs. Goliath did his best to clean up the messes the stick made, but he was always careful to never let the stick get away from him again.

Entered by: 0x9AD6…e292