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Hedge Wizard Calypso of the Citadel (#8792)

The Lore of Hedge Wizard Calypso of the Citadel

In case image preservation proves more challenging than we expected in 2021, we will describe the image that was supposed to be recorded on chain. Above is pictured FRWC Wizard #8792 Hedge Wizard Calypso of the Citadel being raised up on a ladder (source picture is from the Salem witch trials) towards a bonfire/sacred flame/nuclear bomb mushroom cloud. The heads of the angry mob members ready to burn the witch have been replaced by pepe the frog meme heads. There is an incredibly clever and ironic usage of a Arnold Schwarzenegger Willy Wonka saying "Come with me if you want to live in a world of pure imagination." This meme was particularly clever because it's illustrating how memes come from pure imagination and are able to inspire the imagination of others to take that meme, build on it, and take the meme further to new and more numerous hosts. Then there is a picture of Oppenheimer (nuke) saying "Behold I am become"...and we replaced "death destroyer of worlds" we said "Meme" and it goes into the nuke AND a meme rapper Augerer Ali (assisted by worship music pepe). The memes must flow and this is how they flow. From the crowd of pepes and they either ascend to the purest essence of eternal meme (Harambe, Pepe, or Rick Roll) to be preserved in minds of humanity (and now the blockchain) for eternity. This will be the first immortal meme of memes and will be an instrumental document in the beliefs of our cult I mean definitely religion for tax exemption status.

Moron Global Partners

November 2021

Entered by: 0xAb04…eDD1 and preserved on chain (see transaction)