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Shaman Darick of the Brambles (#9124)

Owner: 0x1E61…0750

On a sunny morning, much like the morning before, Shaman Darick of the brambles was on a casual walk along the river. Shaman Darick particularly enjoyed these morning walks because much of the Brambles tribe was still deep in slumber. It was a quiet respite from the ongoings of the sometimes troublesome politics that ran rampant in shamanic circles.

The shamans started off as a peaceful people. A group of nomads that lived off the land and troubled nobody. Fishing the rivers and hunting game, never staying long enough to deplete the resources of their temporary home. As time went on and the shaman population grew, different groups split off. Some traveled north into the mountains to search for the minerals that had become a necessity for trading, while others went to the west, searching for jobs and industry, and others abandoned the nomadic lifestyle altogether.

The once united shaman, had been split into 5 major factions, and although they no longer traveled in unison, they all still carried the shaman title with pride.

The shaman bloodline was imbued with a healing and nature magic. A magic that paled in comparison to the mages of the east, but still had profound use in every day life. The most talented shaman could shape change into any animal they wanted, and could grow crops in the most baron of landscapes.

Shaman Darick was one of these shaman. A talented shapeshifter, and chief of the brambles tribe. He was beloved by all, and his opinions were always taken into consideration. The 5 factions maintained contact, traded goods, and education, but as with all things their relationship was not with out conflict.

Shaman Darick did well to prevent any confrontation from ever growing too large and was a coveted member of the shamanic society. Losing him would deal a terrible blow for all of the shamanic people.

About 15 minutes into his normal 1 hour walk, Shaman Darick felt a strange lightheadedness and pain in the back of his head. Without warning, his legs began to give out and the sunny morning slowly turned into an ominous night. He began to hear whispers, incantations in a tongue he didn't recognize. Without warning, Shaman Darick fell into a deep sleep.

3 hours later, Shaman Darick awoke underneath a tree about 3 meters from the river. A local Shaman boy that Darick had been training ran up to him exclaiming "Shaman Darick! Where have you been?1 Everyone is looking for you"

Shaman Darick simply smirked and replied "I've been here all along my boy, and i've never felt better"

Entered by: 0x1E61…0750 and preserved on chain (see transaction)