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Chapter 1: Magus Leah ran a business being an independent broker of deals between the many Wizard factions throughout the universe. Different factions typically approached her with a desire to procure an item that is not typically for sale or wants anonymity in the purchase. She then leverages her extensive network to source that item and its ownership.

That is the easy part. The hard part is finding out all information about the item and the owner to find an entry point into structuring a deal. She has learnt over time that most of the time money alone is not enough of a factor to pry loose the wanted item. For these deals, skeletons in the closet provide a lot of leverage.

The item owner might want another item in place to be procured for them and so on. Deals could get complicated quickly and difficult to disentangle. However, Magus Leah has proven to be creative in her approach to clients and has a high success rate. Even more importantly, she has earned the trust of clients by not being unscrupulous and maintain secrecy at all times.

Of such importance was this that the current client currently in her office was none other than the Head Wizard of the White Wizard Tower. What service will he need to procure from her that someone of position does not already have in service or unable to work through his channels?

Both had sat in silence for an hour now. Leah had learnt the value of silence through many negotiations. Sometimes silence worked better than even saying something. The opposing side just ends up negotiating themselves into a better deal for her. She was not going to be the first one to speak. His time was more valuable than hers and she had no urgent business to get to. She calmly sat in her seat facing the Head White Wizard, giving him her undivided attention despite the inactivity.

Finally, the Head White Wizard broke the silence and said, “Magus Leah, you indeed live up to your reputation. Amongst the other brokers I have tested, none have the cool blood flowing through your veins. Some spoke too much, some tried to sweet talk me, some could not stay still and some simply lost patience.”

“Now, let’s get down to business”

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