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Ice Mage Nori of the Expanse (#9742)

Owner: 0x0f27…3907

🐟 The entrepreneur of the Expanse - Ice Mage Nori 🦉

Art by Sweetbread

She utilizes her freezing magic to preserve goods only found in The Expanse and The Snow so they can be transported long distances for wealthy customers in areas like Red Wizard Capital. She sells goods such as yeti pelts, snowbell flowers, glacier mushrooms, but of course is most well known for exotic ice water fish. Chances are if you're having sushi from cold waters, it came from Nori's inventory.

"No fish can compare to what you find in The Snow or The Expanse. The unique tastes you'll find here are out of this world. These fish are so resilient to cold that you can't freeze them normally, and they'd die and instantly rot when taken to warmer climates. I'm just happy I can help spread these magnificent flavors far and wide."

But fishing is certainly not Nori's specialty. She relies on the help of Warrior #15502 in Penguin Capital to gather huge stockpiles gathered from the herds of penguins Fuyumi protects. In return, Nori provides luxuries from mainland cities across the oceans.

Ships coming from around the world know where to meet her, but customers within The Expanse and its surrounding areas aren't always so easy to reach given the vast snow mountains separating them. With the help of her owl Athena, she can easily communicate with them and arrange for easy exchanges and payments and materials to export.

As for her favorite imports, nothing for her beats Wizard #6001's Quantum Mushrooms. Impossible to get anywhere near the frozen lands Nori lives in, they're a delicacy she enjoys and always requests in exchange for her goods.

"It was scary to try at first, but once I did I got to see a world where I was a sailor serving ice water fish across the land with the help of a freezing talisman. It seems obvious in hindsight, but I realized from those visions that the flavors I've come to love and enjoy here in these frozen landscapes simply can't be found elsewhere. I knew that I wanted the world I saw in that vision to become a reality... well aside from the scurvy part, that was kinda weird. But without these quantum mushrooms I would have never realized my calling. Back then my most exported items were yeti pelts and business was slow. Now I've got backorders and can't even keep up with demand! I love these mushrooms. But I can't help but wonder why sometimes the visions I see with them feel so.. real? Guess they're just that good."

Entered by: 0x0f27…3907 and preserved on chain (see transaction)