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Chapter 1:

I was riding my pony as I rounded a corner when I saw a lady cornered by three bandits. The lady dressed like a warrior so I was not too worried for her. Nevertheless, the three to one fight felt uneven and I got off my pony and stayed ready to intervene.

It was quickly clear that my help was not needed as she dispatched the bandits efficiently. A rustle of leaves in my peripheral vision caught my attention and saw an arrow streak towards the lady warrior. There was no way for her to react in time.

I quickly weaved my fingers and cast a “Force Bolt” spell in between the lady warrior and the streaking arrow. In my haste, my “Force Bolt” was directed too close to the lady warrior and sent her reeling backwards but it effectively redirected the arrow away from her. I immediately turned my attention to the surprised archer before he could let loose another arrow. The archer was already reaching and nocking another arrow while turning towards me.

Instinctively I weaved a “Broken Arrow” spell and released it towards the archer. My “Broken Arrow” flew faster and truer to the target incapacitating the archer. I scanned for anymore secondary threats and found none before approaching the lady warrior.

She introduced herself as Warrior #7760 and offered to buy me a round at the nearby tavern. I was in no rush in my journey and could make a new warrior friend so why not?

We travelled together into the Green Wizard City and went to the Tavern. That was the start of our journey together.

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