Monthly !MAGIC - July 2022

Monthly !MAGIC - A recap of what The Cult conjured last month. July 2022

We're launching a new blog series, "Monthly !MAGIC," to celebrate and share the spells cast and creativity conjured by The Cult! 

Merch drop 2 released!

(merch gif)

We launched our 2nd merch collection & nearly every item sold out within the first 24 hours! We'll donate 30% of all revenue to the House of Wizards DAO!

Every cult member got two free items with a minimum purchase of 1 item + a free comic! The comics themselves lost their way in the Quantum Shadow, so the free comics were shipped separately. 🤓

Comic Book Digital Gif

FREE COMICS for Everyone!

Yup, that's right, we're giving away Issue #0 of our comic book for free! Place your order here:

The Greatest Thing That EVER Happened in The Cult!

Cut members and fantasy enthusiasts alike can now SEARCH the Book of Lore! May you find what you've always been looking for here: 

The Map of The Runiverse expands!

Runiverse Expnded Map

We revealed some of the uncharted lands of the Runiverse initially at the Enter the Runiverse Party, then in the Comic & on Twitter. There is more expansion to come!

Dungeons & Dragons

We began hosting DnD campaigns in mid-July with our very own Dungeon Master! Cult members who participate will have their own Wizard or Warrior turned into a D&D Character!
We're hosting a 3-4 hour one-shot once per week, every Thursday at 2:00 PM PST. You DO NOT need any prior D&D experience; these will be beginner-friendly so that all of the Cult can participate.

DnD Weekly Campaign

If you are signing up as a premade (2-5 people), please, DM @Acryllic with who will be in your group so that you can be registered. You can sign up to play as an individual here:

San Diego Comic-Con! 

Reilly Brown at Comic Con

Or, as we'd like to call it, "Cult Con." It's our version of the holidays as mysteriously cloaked Wizards roamed the Gaslamp Quarters handing out comics like candy on Halloween. Read more about our experience here:

The Forgotten Runiverse Game 

Hunt for Light Bulb Frog

As the Hunt for the Light Bulb Frogs came to a close, our partners at Bisonic revealed new territory, resources, and details about the land sale. Read the intro to the Runiverse here: 

Forgotten Market Update

Forgotten Market

Our super talented Cult member, @TV3636, built a secondary marketplace exclusive to Forgotten Runes. With the help from other community members @bvksn with the design and @youngwhizzie with art, the Forgotten Market received a fantastic facelift. 

What's changed?

  • - New and improved design

  • - Browse community collections

  • - Make offers and filter activity by trait

  • - Post listings to FM, OS, and LR all at once

  • - A new auto-refreshing listings feed

  • - Improved affinity layout

  • - Improved offer UX,

  • - Support for filtering on multiple values per trait

 AND MORE!!! Friendly reminder, all marketplace fees from FM listings go to the Forgotten Runes community DAO! In the market for a Rune? Shop Forgotten.Market