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What is this?

Forgotten Runes Wizard's Cult is collection of 10k Wizard NFTs. Each Wizard is totally unique and has it's own name. Additionally, all of the Wizard art is fully encoded on-chain.

The World of Forgotten Runes is growing everyday as our Cult contributes art, animation, stories, memes, and lore to social media and to our one-of-a-kind Book of Lore.

There is limitless potential in this decentralized approach to world-building. We call it a "Collaborative Legendarium." Most who participate in this world-building experiment join the Cult which starts by owning a Wizard NFT.

How do I get a Wizard?

Our launch sale occurred on June 30th, 2021. The minting price was 0.07 ETH and we sold all 10k Wizards in 28 minutes.

But you can still buy a Wizard from the secondary market on OpenSea or any NFT marketplace.

TIP: If you are new to NFTs, see this guide "How to Buy and Sell NFTs on OpenSea".

Also, join our super friendly Discord and ask around! Wizards are always ready to help.

Why should I become a Wizard?

Because when you become a Wizard you take part in the co-creation of the stories, Lore, art, and community that is The Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult.

Ownership of a Forgotten Runes Wizard is adoption of a character. Wizards create Lore to tell their stories. (And owners of a Wizard are entitled to some non-exclusive commercial rights to their character.)

Who should become a Wizard?

Wizards are for Everyone.

Wizards come from every walk, age, and alignment of life. We have Wizards who are kids and Wizards over 60. If you love things like Final Fantasy, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering - and love the tales, fun, and friendships that come with them - the The Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult is for you.

What benefits come with owning a Wizard?

In addition to membership into our mysterious-but-friendly cult, owning a Wizard NFT gives you access to many other treasures such as:

We have many more surprises coming to the Cult soon, join us.

What should I do once I become a Wizard?

What are the Principles of the Cult?

  • "Wizards are for Everyone"
  • "Lore not Floor"
  • "Ours over Official"
  • ... and many more

We've written up more about our principles here.

Can you talk more about this concept of "decentralized world-building?"

All of our Cult members contribute daily to expanding the world of Forgotten Runes. These contributions come in the form of art, animation, stories, poems, and other media. This work is collected in the Book of Lore, which is an ever-growing compendium of every Wizard in the collection.

What if I'm not a great artist?

We have so many talented artists in our community and many of them take commissions!

If you'd like to have someone create Lore for you -- or offer to create Lore for others -- see the commissions page here

Where can I hear from the Founders?

The founders Elf and Dotta and team give a weekly "AmA" dubbed Wizard Wednesdays every week on Twitter Spaces. To listen in, follow @forgottenrunes on Twitter.

We also have recordings of all past weeks on our Soundcloud

What are your future plans for this project?

See our Roadmap!

Who is the team behind this project?

Forgotten Runes was created by @ElfJTrul @dotta @bearsnake_21 @LachnessMonsta @Acryllic4

You can contact us at oracle@magicmachine.co

Elf is a Los Angeles, California-based Artist. He has worked in the entertainment industry for over a decade with the studios such as Disney and Nickelodeon.

Dotta deployed one of the earliest ERC721 contracts, Dotlicence, in April 2018.

Special Thanks

We'd like to offer our thanks to our beta testers and folks who gave us feedback early in the project. We especially want to thank Owen (0xmons) for his guidance and technical feedback on the project.


What Next?

We suggest that you:

Welcome to the Cult!