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Rotten Revenant Aleister of the Gloom (#1315)

Owner: 0x79cD…D6F1

The Rotten Revenant of The Gloom


The Gloom was much like its name would lead you to believe. Dark, damp, and frighteningly still. It smelled of burnt hair and rotting flesh, and the wind was cold and biting. For these reasons and more, few dared to venture in search of The Gloom. However, all who do, meet the same fate.

For those, it’s often the tales of unspeakable treasures and wealth hidden deep within The Gloom that pull them toward it. Greed is a most unflattering trait.

Some came seeking something entirely different, however. You see, there have long been rumors of a red wizard who was powerful enough to turn mere mortals into magicians with the touch of his bone stave. He had used this power to turn himself into one of the most influential and prominent wizards the runiverse had seen.

And then, one day, he vanished.

Some believe his thirst for power got the best of him and one of his progeny turned on him. Others think he simply grew tired of having the world at his fingertips, and so he relinquished everything and began a life of meager solitude.

But some know the truth. For Aleister was greedy, and his desire to become stronger only grew with each passing day. And one day, when the opportunity presented itself, he gave himself to the Sacred Flame.

Aleister had hoped to emerge a god, immortal and with unmatched powers. The flame is not in the business of granting wishes, however, and on the other side, Aleister was spewed as a rotten, ghastly thing.

Forever angry about his unfortunate twist of fate, Aleister now trolls The Gloom, still hoarding the riches of his previous life even though they are no longer worth anything to him.

And doling out his vengeance on others who, like him, let their greed dictate their actions.

Entered by: 0xF71c…a9C3 and preserved on chain (see transaction)