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The next great fantasy franchise.
Built on Web3

Forgotten Runes is the world's most robust decentralized franchise.

Our media ecosystem is comprised of animation, physical comic books, and a suite of video games.

At the core of these media expressions are our characters.

And our characters are owned by our token holders.

Our Media Ecosystem

Studio Animation

In May we released our trailer produced with Titmouse Studios in Los Angeles.

It was directed by our own ElfJTrul and narrated by Kristian Nairn (Game of Thrones).

This trailer is a first look at our upcoming TV series developed by Derek Kolstad (John Wick)

Comic Books

We printed 200k physical copies of our premiere issue #0 and are giving them away for free! Many of the stories in this issue are inspired by the lore created by our own community!

Video Games

All of our character NFTs are playable in our gaming ecosystem.

We are currently in production on a whole suite of blockchain based video games.

Premiere among them are our Runiverse game, for which we will be selling land plots in Q3.

Community Created Lore

When you own a Forgotten Runes character, you have full creative control over them. Our community adds their characters biographies into the Book of Lore, an on-chain compendium of these stories, poems, and art.

Much of this community generated content is filtered into our broader media ecosystem.

You can read our Book of Lore now!


Wizmas Advent

Forgotten Runes 2023 Wizmas event! 25 days of burning for our first advent burn.

Our Team