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Lorecord: Adding to the Book of Lore from Discord

Today we're releasing a new Discord bot that lets you add Lore directly from Discord.

Add Lore Menu

MOTIVATION: Capture Daily Lore

Writing Lore is the anchor of Forgotten Runes. The point of the project is to create a decentralized universe of characters and stories and that all starts with owners telling stories with their characters by writing in The Book of Lore.

We draw on The Book of Lore for our comic book, our show, and our live events. New Lore is always read by The Loracle, which means your work shapes the world. So it's important that it's easy to add new Lore to your token, but sometimes logging into The Book of Lore website feels heavy.

Discord is the hub for daily life of our Cult and every day dozens of artworks and images are posted there that often don't get added to The Book, until now.

This bot lets you add off-chain Lore to your character that can be edited or archived or preserved permanently on-chain. It's your choice.

Writing Lore doesn't always have to feel heavy. Wizards and Warriors should feel free to capture Lore as a single image or phrase. The Lorecord bot makes this possible.


Visit the #lorecord-join channel in Discord and click "Let's go". Lorecord uses to verify your ownership. You'll be asked to allow the Lorecord bot to read your tokens.

NOTE: this process is read-only and will never DM you, ask for keys, or require sending a transaction

Verify your assets


STEP 1. Choose Lore

Find a message you want to turn into Lore and right click on it. Choose "Apps > Add Lore".

Add Lore

NOTE: you can add anyone's message as Lore to your character. It doesn't just have to be your own. This means if someone shares an image of your Wizard, you can just right-click and add to your own Lore.

STEP 2. Assign a character

Now you type /addlore and search for your Wizard, Warrior, or Soul that you want to assign the Lore to

Warrior Search

You can search for the name or number. Select your character and hit enter.

Lore Added

And you're done!

Click on the link to view your fresh Lore

Only you can see this

ONLY YOU CAN SEE THIS: Notice that all of these Discord messages are for your eyes only. This means you can use the bot in any channel and you're not cluttering everyone else's feed. Of course, everyone can see and enjoy the Lore once it's added.


  • Works on mobile - now you can add Lore on the go

  • Supports long Discord messages plus 4 images per post


Use this daily. Don't worry about using this too frequently. The point of this project is to enjoy the art and stories together and this tool let's us preserve the outflowing of creativity in the Cult.

Lore shouldn't be a chore. Lorecord makes it easy to capture the creativity and I can't wait to see what you record with it.

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