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Illusions in the Sand

Story featuring Shaman Ozhor of the Sands and Holy Arcanist Illuminus of the Salt

The sands rage in a stormy haze. A lone figure stoically braves the maddening swirl

A resolute trudge in this forsaken land with only a mysterious owl for companionship.

The endless expanse shows a sign...

The old Shaman stops to ponder

Can it be? A puddle of water in this arid land? Surely it's a hallucination?

If the desert wants to play mind tricks, it is no match for a Shaman...

Peyote. Cactus of gods and dreams...

"We meet, eye to eye"

"Holy Arcanist Illuminus of the Salt..."

"Here in Zaros Oasis."

The Lore of Forgotten Runes Souls

On All Hallow’s Eve, the Great Burning commenced. Over 400 Wizards have stepped to the Flame thus far, and we’ve seen all sorts of abominations return. Let’s go over some of the lore behind these new undead beings that have come to the Runiverse.