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Wizard Murals

See a Wizard in physical paint in your neighborhood. Here's a list of murals that exist or have existed and instructions on how to commission your own

Austin, Texas, USA - 3101 Speedway

  • Status: Active
  • Wizards: #4709
  • Dates: August 2021 - Present
  • Address: Arcade UFO, 3101 Speedway, Austin,TX 78705


Austin, Texas, USA - 2716 Guadalupe St

  • Status: Active
  • Wizards: #6170
  • Dates: September 2021 - Present
  • Address: 2716 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX 7870


Miami, Florida, USA

  • Status: Active
  • Dates: September 2021
  • Location 1 #9044: 3404 N Miami Ave Miami, FL 33127
  • Location 2 #1556, #48, #5969: 30 NW 34th Street Miami, FL 33127

Los Angeles, California, USA

  • Status: In progress
  • Wizards: To be revealed
  • Dates: September 2021
  • Location: Santee Alley and Midcity, Address to be announced

Oakland, California, USA

  • Status: In progress
  • Wizards: To be revealed
  • Dates: September 2021
  • Location: Downtown Oakland and Laurel District, Address to be announced

Commissioning Your Own Mural

Want to see a mural in your own city? Here are the instructions how.

Wizards who live in the same city sometimes team up to coordinate and share funds. Feel free to find other Wizards in your area who might want to collaborate on making this happen - and we'll add your mural to this page!


Getting a Mural done is relatively simple: find an artist, describe what you want in detail, pay them, and wait.

Cost: between $1,000-$5,000
Timeline: About an hour of prep, a few weeks of waiting


1. Decide Your Wizard(s)

The first thing is to decide which Wizards you're going to have painted.

For our initial set of murals that we commissioned, we asked for two murals:

  1. A large 10 foot by 10 foot of a single Wizard and
  2. A 3 foot tall by 10 foot wide of three Wizards in a row

This generally cost about $5,000 depending on the city, but sometimes you can get someone to do for free or the cost of the paint, depending.

We recommend requesting that the artist paint the Wizard name and number (and probably the URL to where folks can learn more.)

For the font, we historically used Alagard which you can find here.

You can get a high-res version of your Wizard with the following URL, replacing <wizardNum> with your Wizard's serial number:<wizardNum>.zip

So for example, you can get Wizard 777's file from the following URL:

2. Finding a Location (optional)

If you own or know of a location that would be a good fit, then recommend that location to your artist.

Wizards are good citizens. While we'd love to see a Wizard on any wall, it's important that the owner of the property consents to a mural being painted on their property. If you're unsure, just ask! Be sure to show them a picture - it makes it easier if they know what they're getting into.

That said, if you don't know of a good location, a paid artist will generally include finding one in their price. So even if you don't know of a location, they should find one for you.

3. Finding an Artist

Now you need to find an artist, we found the most success on Thumbtack

Head over to Thumbtack, type in "Muralist" and type in the zip code of your city and then it will give you a list of Artists for hire near that zip code. Easy.

Now, reach out to several artists with instructions of what we want done.

We recommend reaching out to several because some will be busy, prices will vary a lot, and it can all take time. It's always good to have options.

When you make your initial contact, here's a template you can use to make the initial ask:

Hi _, I saw your work on Thumbtack and love your work. if you are currently accepting commisioned projects, I would love to get a quote on reproducing a 10 foot x 10 foot mural of a pixel-art Wizard NFT that I own. Is this something you'd be able to help me with?

(attach the image of the Wizard above)

4. Clarifying What You Want

If the artist responds and is interested, you need to do two things:

  1. Make sure they understand the level of quality we're expecting and
  2. Find out details of the paint

Quality specifications

Tell the artist the following:

For this mural, it's pixel art. So it's important to us that you replicate this image as closely as possible. Keeping the pixel art style means that we need to have a sharp, consistent grid. And you don't need to stylize it or add to it - just try to keep the colors as close as you can.

And you need to:

Ask the following questions

  • How much is it going to cost, all in?
  • Where exactly is it going to be located?
  • When will it be complete?
  • How long do you expect it to remain (before being painted over)?

Location, location, location. The better the location, the higher the price. But you want to make sure you're going to be happy with where the mural is.

Also be careful of artist-only alleyways. There are places where all of the artists go to paint and these often get painted over within days! If you're paying good money you want at least a nominal guarantee that

  1. folks will see it and
  2. it will last for weeks/months.

... but if you don't ask the muralist they won't necessarily tell you above. So just ask.

5. Finalizing the Deal

Once you found an Artist that fits what you are looking for, regarding price and style, the next step will be to pay them, typically they will ask for 50% of the total price first (for materials and acquiring the wall) and once they have finished and you have approved of the work, you will pay the other 50%.

Share Images and Location

After a few weeks, you'll have a beautiful Wizard on the Wall. Every Wizard around is going to want to come by and take a picture.

So share the address in #art-and-lore in Discord, tweet about it, and tell the Forgotten Runes folks and we'll share it and add it to this page.

A Wizard leaves his Rune on the Door, and we can't wait to see your runes.

-- Dotta, Elf, and team.


Story featuring Fortune Teller Crackerjack of the Desert, Sage Voidoth of the Ash, and Arcanist Dr. Death of the Ether.