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Elysian Fields: Forgotten Runes Ponies

A herd of Ponies appears

On a crisp December 24th, 2021 snow fell on the secret tower, a rumble in the distance. Then a whinny. From the Elysian Fields, a herd of 567 ponies appeared in the Forgotten Runiverse.

The minting was free (+gas) for anyone who received a merch box or held a Wizard (or Soul) that had Lore (details below).

About the Elysian Fields Collection

There are 567 Ponies comprised of 52 traits (plus Runes). During minting, the images and metadata are hosted but after minting the Ponies will be stored completely on-chain just like the Wizards.

Criteria for Receiving a Pony

Ponies can be minted two ways:

  • By using the code in a merch box OR
  • Holding a Wizard (or Soul) that has written Lore

The minting will take place here.

This is the second time that writers in The Book of Lore have been prioritized for an airdrop (the first being The Sacred Flame).


  • 1 Pony per code in merch box
  • 1 Pony per account that holds at least 1 Wizard or Soul that satisfies the following, as of December 21st


  • ✅ Wizard has Lore
  • ❌ Wizard has no Lore
  • ✅ Wizard has Lore => Wizard burned => Soul has no Lore
  • ✅ Wizard has no Lore => Wizard burned => Soul has Lore
  • ❌ Wizard has no Lore => Wizard burned => Soul has no Lore


Q What if I transferred my Wizard after I wrote my Lore?

A That is accounted for. You only have to hold a Wizard that has Lore. (Not be the original author)

Q What if I bought a Wizard that had Lore already?

A Then you get a Pony!

Q What if I got a merch box AND I hold a Wizard/Soul that satisfies above?

A Then you'll need a two-pony stable

Wizard Murals

See a Wizard in physical paint in your neighborhood. Here's a list of murals that exist or have existed and instructions on how to commission your own