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The Great Burning, The Sacred Flames, and the Infinity Veil

On All Hallows Eve, 2021 the Great Burning will be held at The Secret Tower.

At this event, a Wizard and a Flame may be burned to receive a Forgotten Soul.

Burning a Wizard, however, is Dark Magic which is always risky and unpredictable. If you choose to burn a Wizard, there's a chance you may receive something undesirable.

So choose wisely.


  • 1112 Wizards were airdropped Flames
  • Flames are used for Forgotten Souls on All Hallow’s Eve
  • Burn a Flame token + a Wizard token for a chance at a Forgotten Soul
  • You might receive the Ghost of your Wizard, something more powerful, or something "undesirable"
  • You’ll always get an NFT back, but there are no guarantees on what you will get, so there is a risk.
  • For the wizards concerned with rate of return, the risk of an “undesirable” result is roughly 1 in 10.
  • No time limit on using the flames. We wanted to avoid a gas war + a limited time window and we don’t want people to rush this decision.

We've also written more about the Forgotten Souls collection which you can read about in the Forgotten Souls Collectors Guide

The Sacred Flame

Sacred Flame

To burn a Wizard will require a Sacred Flame. The Flame itself is also an NFT, which was be airdropped to a limited number of Wizard holders.

Only 1112 Flames will be distributed. There will be no gas war to acquire a Flame: the airdrop will go to the longest holding and most committed Wizards, max one per account.

Flame-holders may choose to use, hold, trade, or sell their Flame, like any other NFT.

There are only a limited number of Flames, but as an individual, there is no limit to the number of Flames you can use, if you hold them. However each Flame can be used only once and the Wizard is burned with it.

While the Burning is scheduled for 🎃 All Hallows' Eve 🎃, there is no urgency on that day as Flames do not extinguish until they are used. There is also no urgency because burning a Wizard is dark and unpredictable magic. With dark magic, there are no guarantees.

Questions About The Great Burning

Q: Does your wizard affect what soul you get?

A: Generally yes. What you likely receive is the next phase of your wizard, but there are no guarantees with dark magic.

Q: Can the community build utility for the “undesirable” results?

A: Yes, of course. Every Forgotten Soul is an ERC721 token that can be used in a permissionless way, like other ERC721 tokens.

Q: Can every Wizard be burned? What about the super-rares and uniques?

A: There are no Wizards who are able to withstand being affected by a Flame. Every Wizard can pass through the Flame, from the highest to the lowest.

Q: Will the Forgotten Souls be on-chain like the Wizards?

A: In time. Because there is no time limit for the Forgotten Souls, it isn't possible for the entire collection to be put on-chain due to the fact that your choices affect the final collection. That said, we will put the collection on chain as we can.

Q: For the undesirables, we have these odds. But what are the odds for other non-ghost results?

A: There are ultra-rares in the collection. So you could get a soul/ghost-type, an undesirable, or ultra-rares.

The Sacred Flames Airdrop

The Sacred Flame is an ERC1155 token which you can find on OpenSea here

The official contract

You may find the whitelist, motivation, and auditable Dune SQL Query used to generate the whitelist here

💀 The Great Burning will be held on All Hallows Eve 💀

May the gods look favorably on your choices

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We've also written more about the Forgotten Souls collection which you can read about in the Forgotten Souls Collectors Guide

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