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Principles of The Forgotten Runes Wizard's Cult

Our community has many principles that we live by. This document captures some of them.

"Wizards are for Everyone"

Wizards come from every walk, age, and alignment of life. We have Wizards who are kids and Wizards over 60. Our community is a place to make friends, tell stories, write Lore, and share art.

"Like Wizard, Buy Wizard"

In the world of NFTs there's an over-emphasis on "rarity" of traits. Flippers look to strict rankings like rarity tools to tell them "what's valuable and what's not".

In Forgotten Runes, we eschew the idea that a Wizard's traits alone give them their value. Each Wizard has a story to be told and Wizard holders contribute to that story by sharing it through derivative art, poems, songs, paintings, murals, storyboards, animations, sculpture, and every possible art form.

"Like Wizard, Buy Wizard" encapsulates the idea that it's important to focus on a wizard you vibe with. Worry less about rarity and more about if you feel a personal connection.

"Lore not Floor"

a.k.a. Proof-of-Lore a.k.a. "Live, Laugh, Lore"

We don't have a !floor bot in our Discord, only !lore.

Across Discord channels in the NFT space you'll see them filled with folks calling the !floor command, which asks a bot "what is the lowest price in the collection?" The idea is often that the price is the most important feature of the collection, so much so that people are constantly watching.

Instead with Wizards, we emphasize the Lore. The stories that we tell let every individual Wizard contribute to the collaborative Legendarium. Every single Wizard can contribute, regardless of how skilled you are.

If you're not sure what Lore to write, flip through The Book of Lore.

If you see something you love, but can't make it yourself you can checkout our Wizard's commissions page.

Everyone has a story to tell. And when you're having fun sharing Lore, the floor takes care of itself.

"Ours over Official"

Or: Authenticity over Authority, Community over Clergy

This decentralized world belongs to all of us. While the Creators are building a show, a game, and providing a meta-narrative for the world, the Canon is in the Community.

Don't worry about writing Lore that might not conform exactly to the narrative shared by the creators. Your Wizard is your own and may not fit in the typical mold.

What is Authentic has Authority in Forgotten Runes and it's a world created by all of us.

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