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Story featuring Fortune Teller Crackerjack of the Desert, Sage Voidoth of the Ash, and Arcanist Dr. Death of the Ether.

And endless desert in an antique land

"Paltry toys..."

"...of proud, barbaric peoples..." Crackerjack Crow sits perched above surveying the ancient ruins, muttering to himself,

"...and yet some devilry keeps them on their feet."

"Lo there! Of what interest to you are these primitive engines, these monuments to hubris? These trinkets of the Quantum Shadow?!"

"These trinkets are the armaments of mighty kings. Their furnaces will be rekindled, and their sonnets wail once again"

"Sonnets and mighty kings..."

"...rekindled furnaces..."

"I will look upon them and despair."

The Great Burning, The Sacred Flames, and the Infinity Veil

On All Hallows Eve, 2021 the Great Burning will be held at The Secret Tower.