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Magic Machine Partners with Titmouse on Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult Animated Show

We're partnering with Titmouse to develop and produce The Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult show


Worlds will be Inspired by Cult’s Collaborative Legendarium of 10,000 Wizards and Their Wizard Holders

(Los Angeles, CA) – XX – Magic Machine, a Los Angeles and Austin based creative studio dedicated to imagining and developing digitally native content on the Ethereum blockchain, is partnering with Titmouse, the award-winning animation production company known for revered adult animation including “Big Mouth” “The Venture Bros.,” and “Midnight Gospel.” The companies will develop and produce for television “Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult,” an NFT universe composed of over 10,000 unique Wizards, each with its own story influenced by the exclusive NFT owners themselves. It is one of the first Endemic NFT IPs to be developed for the small screen to embody the doctrine of the blockchain - providing holders decentralized ownership of their characters.

“There are few things I dig in this world more than Wizards and Cults. When the guys at Magic Machine called me about developing an animated show based on Wizard’s Cult, I was all in. I love that they used their big old, wrinkled brains to conjure up the stories first and then attach badass, pixelated art to their immense universe of characters. We are going to make some batshit bananas cartoons together. Those Wizard holders are not going to know what hit them,” said Chris Prynoski, Titmouse president and founder.

“When building out this NFT project, we realized early on that a collection of 10k characters can be a storytelling vehicle unto itself. Our intention was to layer as much lore into these characters as possible with the collection strongly hinting at a world underneath. When the collection sold out, our holders immediately began creating their own stories and artwork with the characters, and the Forgotten Runes World exploded with life. We are building a collaborative legendarium, and because of blockchain technology, our Wizard holders can truly own these characters, and thus become them. It’s role-playing at a whole new level of authenticity and intimacy. Our goals now are to heighten and reinforce these emotional bonds by putting these characters into as many media expressions as possible, the animated series being one we are very excited about. Chris and his studio were at the top of our list of partners, and we can’t wait to get started,” said @ElfJTrul and @Dotta co-creators behind Forgotten Runes.

Magic Machine is creating a brand-new model that turns legacy media /IP ownerships on its head by granting commercial rights to its Wizard holders and tying appearances of Wizards in a show to the actual holders. In the short time since its inception, the Forgotten Runes community has become one of the most committed and creative in the NFT space with art, poems, and animations being created by fans and holders daily. Where other brands allow consumers to be fans of the work, the Forgotten Runes NFT holders personally identify as their Wizards.

The founders are a mix of storytellers committed to the fantasy genre who are also highly sophisticated artists and coders.

With the ink dried on the partnership, Titmouse’s Chris Prynoski and Magic Machine’s @ElfJTrul and @Dotta will executive produce the series with Wizard holders taking on a role in the evolution of the stories chosen and set to be produced.

About Titmouse

Titmouse is an independent Emmy award-winning animation production company. Our artist-run studios in Los Angeles, New York City, and Vancouver keep the most talented people in the industry pushing creative boundaries. Writers, producers, directors, storyboard artists, animators, compositors, editors, and artists of all kinds are right here, in house. Titmouse founders Chris and Shannon Prynoski launched Titmouse in Los Angeles, the birthplace of the American entertainment industry. Known for series such as The Venture Bros., Big Mouth, Midnight Gospel, Star Trek: Lower Decks, Tigtone, and Metalocalypse, Titmouse creates high-quality cartoons for all ages and interests. Visit us online at

About Magic Machine

Magic Machine is a next-generation studio embracing the technology of tomorrow. They are disrupting traditional media by creating decentralized ownership of IP and characters. Wizards are just the beginning. Rooted in the decentralized creative and commerce space through the Ethereum blockchain, Magic Machine created the collaborative legendarium Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult, a collection of 10,000 unique and fantastical Wizards, each with their own personas and stories are written by their NFT holders. The community is rooted in deep storytelling, fan art, and future-facing opportunities like TV, films, and games linked to various Wizards and holders.

Magic Machine builds out entire worlds with characters and themes that are impactful, personal, and well-crafted while also challenging legacy media's approach by way of decentralized intellectual property. Wizards are fully encoded on-chain meaning they do not depend on any external or centralized hosting service to exist.

About Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult

The Wizard’s Cult is a collaborative legendarium made up of 10,000 unique Wizard NFT’s. The NFT holder is the Wizard owner - holding not only the image but the character and essence of that Wizard, giving each holder the opportunity to create stories, animations, artwork, poems, and music about their character. Each Wizard Image is 50x50 pixels, scaled to 400x400 with a unique name and trait - each Wizard, rooted in the decentralized Ethereum blockchain is greater than the sum of its parts creating a platform of stories and experiences unique to the creative community. Learn more about The Cult here:

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