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Forgotten Runes Comic Book Issue #1 is HERE!

Wizards, Warriors, Souls, Beasts and !magic users of the Runiverse, comic issue #1 of our 10-issue series is now available for pre-sale!

About the Comic
Consider this a magical door into the world of the Runiverse. Crafted by the brilliant mind of Joe Rechtman and brought to life through the illustrations of Reilly Brown, this 10-part epic unfolds within the enchanting Universe of Forgotten Runes. Dive into the tales of potent wizards and their magical exploits.

Issue #1 will hit the shelves of your nearby comic store on November 22, 2023, to reserve a copy be sure to place your preorder by October 30.

Comic #1 Panel

How to Secure Your Copy of Issue #1

1. Local Enthusiasts: Dial-up your nearest comic store. Not sure where that is? Check out the Comic Shop Locator and reserve your copy.

Many stores even allow you to subscribe to all 10 issues for a complete experience.

2. US Cult Members: The renowned Third Eye Comics is your go-to. A gentle note: there's a limit of 5 per cover, and shipping is a modest $5.

3. UK & EU Residents: Forbidden Planet is ready to ship your comics across the lands.

4. Canadian Fans: If you're in Canada, fetch your copy from: The Beguiling in Toronto, Variant in Edmonton or Another Dimension comics.

5. Australian Fans: If you're in the land down under secure your copy at All Star Comics Melbourne or Kings Comics

Want a digital read instead? Pre-order it on Amazon

Titan Comics Publisher Announcement

Meet Our Creative Partners

Reilly Brown: A stalwart in the comic world, Reilly has illustrated for heavyweights like Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse. Remember the best-selling Batman/Fortnite Comic of 2021

Titan Comics:
Our global publisher, part of the Titan Entertainment Group, brings tales from renowned properties and fresh talents alike, ensuring a story for every reader.

Special Perks for The Community

Every comic will feature an exclusive $20 game code for the upcoming Forgotten Runiverse MMORPG game.

Got a character in our series? Get ready to potentially share the revenue! We're curating a license agreement for all character holders. More on this shortly.

Pre-order and Secure Your Copy Now:

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