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Writing in the Book of Lore: A How-to

If you're looking for specific instructions on how to write in the Book of Lore, this post is for you

The Forgotten Runes Book of Lore contains the stories, legends, and myths of thousands of Wizards. This tome is ever-growing, always evolving, but forever immutable once a Wizard changes hands.

Video Quickstart

Watch this video for a quick introduction on how to add Lore to your Wizard.

What Lore Should Be Written?

This document will focus on how to use the Book of Lore and how it works.

Your Wizard's path is your own and no one can plot the course for another.

One way to get ideas for writing Lore is to read what is written already, read the Discord, and discuss with fellow Wizards.

A future document will be written that gives guidelines for what to write Lore, but this document focuses more on the how.

How it Works, An Overview

Lore is attached to a specific Wizard token. While anyone can read the Book, only Wizard holders can write Lore.

Here is a quick start guide to writing Lore (but please read through for detailed clarifications):

To write lore, you:

  • Connect your Wallet
  • Pick a Wizard

  • Write your Lore using the editor

  • Sign a message

  • Submit a transaction

  • Enjoy - and share - your Lore

Writing Lore in the Editor

When you write Lore in the editor you can:

  • control some formatting
  • upload images
  • background-color
  • toggle NSFW

Lore Formatting

You can add formatting by typing shortcuts as you would in e.g. Discord. For example:

  • A heading with # as in: # Heading 1
  • A smaller heading with ## as in ## Heading 2
  • Bold text with **bold text here**
  • Italic text with _italic text here_

Lore Images

To upload images:

  • Download the image you want to your computer or desktop and
  • Drag the image into the Lore editor

You can upload multiple images and intersperse them with text. Or you can have Lore which is simply a single image. It's up to you.

Background Color

You can change the background color of your Lore using the color picker.

Toggle NSFW

Lore is enjoyed by Wizards of all ages across many cultures - however, we recognize that not all actions of all Wizards in the universe may be suitable for minors at all times.

We ask that, as a courtesy to fellow Wizards, you mark NSFW content. While we realize what is NSFW varies across cultures, a good rule of thumb is to enable this if the Lore ought not to be seen by minors.

NOTE: At this time, the website at will not display NSFW content, however, it is still written to chain and stored as any other Lore. This website and code are completely open-source.

The Rules of Lore

  • Lore can only be written about a Wizard by the account that holds that specific Wizard
  • Lore can be updated by:
    • The account that holds a specific Wizard...
    • ONLY IF they also created that specific Lore

Which means you're free to update the Lore of Wizards you own while you own it. But if you transfer that Wizard away, the new owner cannot change the previous Lore - and neither can you.

Struck Lore

Lore can never be deleted, however, Lore can be Struck from the record. If Lore is Struck, it is a public symbol that the Lore in question is considered Anathema by the Cult. We disavow it as part of our culture and history.

Lore that includes, but is not limited to, hateful content, unnecessarily grotesque, irrelevant sexual content and other sorts of content listed here will be Struck.

Any IPFS records of Struck Lore will not be pinned by Forgotten Runes.

The NSFW flag is a courtesy and NSFW content may, in many cases, be acceptable, whereas Struck Lore is a strong statement - and hopefully rare occurrence - that the community completely disavows the Lore.

The Lore Master

There is a special role of the Lore Master. The Lore Master holds the following powers:

  • ✅ The ability to add (or remove) token contracts that may have new Lore written about them
  • ✅ The ability to mark any Lore as NSFW
  • ✅ The ability to Strike any Lore

The Lore Master may not:

  • ❌ Add Lore to any Wizard
  • ❌ Update Lore of any Wizard
  • ❌ Delete Lore of any Wizard

The Lore Master keys are currently held by the Forgotten Runes Deployer (co-controlled by Elf & Dotta). The plan is to eventually turn the Lore Master keys over to the community at the appropriate time.


Q: Is my Lore stored "on-chain"?

A: Partially. The Lore contents (images, stories) are stored on IPFS, like most other NFTs. The record of the Lore - and a pointer to IPFS - is stored on-chain.

Q: Where is the Book of Lore contract?

A: The mainnet address of the Book of Lore is 0x4218948d1da133cf4b0758639a8c065dbdccb2bb, found here

Q: Does it cost gas?

A: Yes. The contract ensures that only Wizard holders may write new Lore and it writes it permanently on-chain, so it does cost gas. The gas cost is almost exactly the same as a swap on Sushiswap (about 100k gas, which is about $22 at 50 Gwei at current prices).

Q: Is The Book of Lore decentralized?

A: Yes. Writing to the Book is controlled by the smart contract at 0x421 and it cannot be disabled. All Wizard holders may write to this Book within the parameters outlined above. Currently, the website is hosted at and The Creators pin (ensure persistence of) the IPFS files of non-struck Lore, however, anyone else may pin whatever files they choose.

Q: How should I write my Lore?

A: Join the Discord and we'll help you think through this!

Q: Can I update my Lore?

A: Yes if you originally created it and you still hold the Wizard. However, the editing interface has not been created as of 9/21. Editing will be shipped in Q4 2021.

Q: What about Forgotten Souls, Forgotten Runes Warriors, etc.?

A: The Book will support their stories to be told.

Next Steps

Head over the Book and write some Lore

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