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Wraith Captain Gogol of the Nightmare Dominion (#8986)

Owner: 0xaC3B…074F

The Financial Advisor.

Wizard #8986 was a people pleaser and lover of luxury. While only a mediocre cleric, but he had a way of wooing wealthy acolytes, who turned to him to find peace of mind from their greed, if only for a moment. While entering the thoughts and dreams of his patrons, Gogol had seen all sorts of evil desires. When the Night of the Rose befell the town, his mind was so corrupted by the thoughts of his patrons, that he saw not destruction, but purification.

The blast erased all the good that remained of Soul #8986's dreams and ambitions, replacing them with only images that he had seen in the minds of the greedy, the lewd, and the sinful. He now lusts for power-- all of it. In order to get it, he now enters the nightmares of the wealthy and manipulates them to his will.

As a victim of Night of the Rose, Gogol is reluctantly bound to bend the knee to Soul #7019 or whomever holds the Eternal Rose, as a member of the Army of the Rose. This is the final barrier for him achieving his mission of ultimate power.

Entered by: 0xaC3B…074F and preserved on chain (see transaction)