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Arthur Danger, of the Mountain

"Aye-ya, ope! Scuse me, I'mma jus skuhweeeze past yas an grab da brewskis, oh fer cryin' out loud!"

Mr. Danger was born in the mountain, but most of his life has been spent in the mid-west plains near the Kobold Crossroads. There, Arthur would hang with his pals in the milk guild. Arthur had developed a thick accent, always adding 's' sounds even when not appropriate.

Pasties with melk is his favorite meal, followed by a brewski (or a pop if he's being responsible on guard duty).

You betcha he is excellent at cornhole - undefeated in his local pub tourney.

"I could drawls ya bolth if I was good at art but I gots to take my hotdish to the Danger potluck tonight. It's clear across the plains to the mountains so you betcha'll take a while, dontcha know!"

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Arthur Danger of the Mountain (#11143)
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