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She who was once said to be the strongest


There was the strongest warrior. Her name was Marci.

Marci was so strong that she destroyed anyone she considered an enemy without mercy.

She was so strong that those who saw her fight called her the Destroyer.


Her power was so mighty that the world feared her.

And the world tried to eliminate her.


She spent the rest of her life in endless battles.

She was always alone. But that was normal for her. The world was her enemy.

She didn't even have time to feel lonely, because fighting was the proof of life.


Then one day, a pack of large Northern Lynx attacked one small Northern Lynx.

The Northern Lynx that was being attacked had the same eye color as her own.

She saw herself now in such a Northern Lynx.

A large claw attacked the small Northern Lynx.


Her heart echoes.

At that moment, her moonshield caught the big claw.

But the claws were so big that they hurt her eyes.

Marci took a stand and protected Northern Lynx.


Then, without fear, she swung the sword in her right hand and finished off the big Northern Lynxes.


The little Northern Lynx that Marci protected gently licked Marci's wounds.

For the first time, Marci felt warmth.

She gently hugged the child.


There was a mighty warrior feared by the world.

But she did not have a sword.

Instead, he had a large bone and a small Northern Lynx with her.

In the fields of Elysium, she and the Northern Lynx lived in peace.

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