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The Song of Gage, Conqueror of the Sea

Just sit right down
And I'll tell a tale
Of the Conqueror named Gage.
He's gone around the whole wide world
From a very, very young age. (A very, very young age.)

When he was eight
He went up North
And heard the siren's song.
Gage plugged his ears and didn't hear
While the crew sang along. (The crew sang along.)

When he was ten
He sailed to the East
And there the sharks did swim.
A sailor fell right over the rail,
Gage saved him and jumped on in. (Gage jumped right on in.)

When he was twelve
He sailed down South
With a ship of pirates there.
He stole their gold and sailed back home,
Without a worry or care. (Gage had not a care.)

And now grown up
Gage travels West
He's the Cap'n of his ship.
He sails the world and conquers lands,
A Gobl'n Axe at his hip. (An axe at his hip.)

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