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Naberius of Light (#12482)

Owner: 0xA63E…7323

Torturin' Ain't Easy

Look, he's not proud of his profession. But not every warrior gets asked to join a fancy guild or finds fame of the dragonslaying sort. Naberius had to settle.

So he answered a "Help Wanted" ad in the local newspaper and found employment as a man who makes others confess.

It was excruciating... for Naberius, that is. He doesn't like stretching people out on the rack, or holding flames under their feet. It's just not his vibe, man! Not to mention, it really stresses out his pet hog, Chonky Boi.

Over time, Naberius found methods more suited to his temperament that still got results. Incessant tickling, for example, is very effective. So are a litany of unending dad jokes. You have to be creative, but sometimes the pun is mightier than the sword.

Informally, he came to be known as a Master of his craft:


Entered by: 0xA63E…7323 and preserved on chain (see transaction)