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Chapter 1:

Rowan had just returned to camp from a full morning of battle and set aside his helmet and armor. He barely started to eat whatever hot rations were available then when he heard distant sounds of rolling thunder. Something was not right. There were no heavy clouds to suggest a storm nearby, plus there seemed to be too many lightning occurrences. Others in camp had also heard it and were looking in bewilderment in the direction of the lightning strikes.

Rowan suddenly stood up, grabbed his battle gear started running towards the lightning strikes and shouted “Attacks from the West! Attacks from the West! Those are Arch-Magi Bogey’s Chain Lightnings! Hurry hurry!”

Fighting so close to camp and for Arch-Magi Bogey to be using Chain Lightning is not good news. Chain Lightning is most effective against infantry masses and to be used so close to potential close friendly forces on means large opponent forces and desperation. It also served as an emergency signal and pinpointing of where help is needed. Bogey was indeed a war veteran being able to keep his wits around and achieving three goals with one spell.

Rowan began to see other warriors racing towards the battle. He quickly organized them into a small force while on the move and led them to flank the battle location. The immediate goal is to help relieve pressure from the main offense and to buy time for more reinforcements to arrive to Arch Magi Bogey’s location. Besides, Chain Lightning does not differentiate between enemies and friendlies, and he had no intentions to become fried meat.

Rowan’s small force grew larger as they neared the frontlines. They took a small pause just short of reaching the opposing force to settle their breaths and scout a little. It looked like their flanking route took them right beside a long range archery unit that was sending waves of plumes towards the battlefield. Rowan broke cover and led the charge into the archery unit taking them by surprise.

The archery unit was lightly guarded and it was not a fair fight. The archers were not equipped for close combat heavy fighting and Rowan’s Ishtar’s sword easily cleaved through the light armor while using his Tomb Shield to block incoming arrows. The few painful seconds to recover from the surprised attack resulted in another set of fallen bodies before the archers realized they could not win this skirmish.

They quickly broke rank and retreated hastily in different directions for the nearest cover. Rowan stopped his group from further pursuing the remnants of the archery unit. He now had the chance to attack the opposing force from the rear to really spice things up a little.

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