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Kathleen Protector of the Woodlands (#15515)

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Warrior Kathleen Protector of the Woodlands family photo. Warrior Kathleen was around 3 years old when found by Nurgada and Bromley (Galatea of the Heath's parents #3764) in their garden. She was adopted by Bromley's brother, Edward and his wife Annabel. They gave her name of Kathleen. She is Galatea of the Heath's cousin. A beast from the Emerald Forest killed Edward And Annabel when Kathleen was 14. Kathleen then went to warrior school for 4 years and became Kathleen Protector of the Woodlands in a special ceremony by the brown hats. Her Uncle Bromley and Aunt Nurgada gave her a special sword and shield to use for her mission. Kathleen also has the rune of Earth she wears around her neck. All she remembers about her birth parents is a few lines to a song and the smell of rosemary and cinnamon.

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Warriors Kathleen and Birsh

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