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Tanja Devourer of Shadows (#15518)

Owner: 0x88Ed…972D

Tanja Devourer of Shadows


AGE: 19

AFFILIATION: Member of the Canis Coven

ROLE: Defender


COMPANION: Fenress the Ancient

PERSONALITY: Mysterious and guarded

STRENGTHS: Loyal, fights hard for those she chooses to protect

FLAWS: She is difficult to know, morally superior

FUN FACT: She is an excellent knitter


Tanja is no stranger to darkness for she has spent most of her life shrouded within it. She hails from The Quantum Shadow and has spent her life vanquishing dark spirits with a blade fueled by sunlight.

Not much is known about her past, and she would prefer to keep it that way. Only her companion, Fenress the Ancient, knows her true mind. Or so it was until she met Warrior #3935 and found in her a kindred spirit and, perhaps, something more.

Though she is used to being the hero, it was Tanja who was rescued by the Canis Coven and brought from The Quantum Shadow to the Runiverse beyond. She now adjusts to life amongst the living, but old demons die hard…

More to come…

As recorded by @taniadelrio

Entered by: 0x4C97…3f86 and preserved on chain (see transaction)