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Rachel Clobberer of all that is Holy (#19)

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Chapter 1

The smell of the briney sea wafted by as Rachel and Bartholomeow wandered the beach looking for their next meal.

"Now, I know what you're thinking Mr. Meow...and I agree. This is terrible! First the storm and then that kraken?? UGH!" Rachel said, as Bartholomeow chirped in agreement.

The two had been wandering the beach for some time now, as their little sailboat had not survived the storm and subsequent leviathan attack. They really were lucky to have drifted to land at some point, but just a little.

The island they washed up on was a very small, sparse island with only a couple of trees for shelter from the sun. There were, however, an abundance of fish and crab in the shoreline.

Rachel was once a fierce pirate captain known only as the Clobberer. This came from her violent and liberal use of her bo staff (which, according to rumor, had come from a master monk who attempted to stop them from raiding a ship).

But those days...they're long gone. After her crew mutinied (she refused to kill a child during her last raid), she disappeared from the history books for a couple of years.

During this time, she had gone back to one of the first towns she raided, and got a job working on the docks. It was on those very docks that she rescued her beautiful familiar, Bartholomeow the Northern Lynx from the bottom of a fish barrel.

She had just taken off on a small fishing trip when she had caught up in the storm, which just so happened to rile a sleeping kraken. This bring us to our current predicament!

Stranded on a small island, Rachel and her trusty sidekick are in quite a pickel, with no clear way out of trouble...

Chapter 2 coming soon

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