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The Legend of Empyria's Darkness

Through the burning flames of sunlight morning, Sauda was lost in a dream. All she could feel were the falling sparkles from the air surrounding the room. Faint figures of young children running around, playing with flowers. Right by their side, Sauda could see their shadows. She was confused as there were so many of them. Floating a gentle aura while each one protects their own child. “There is something hidden in this place,” said Sauda. The light began to fade and her eyes opened. The new princess of Empyria.

It has been 12 years since that day Alzena saved her life. The greatest secret of the kingdom and hidden away from the world. Sauda’s existence was never meant to be and this guilt continued to build over time. Although she was only a child, she wishes she could have been braver. Sauda tried to think of her life before that moment but it all felt gray. The only time she seems to remember fragments of anything is when she sleeps.

Nevertheless, the kingdom has been thriving gracefully. Sauda, 18 years old in a world unknown to her face. Her name, however, is heard throughout. She has been made to be a substitute for Alzena in the family. Shadows aren't exactly welcomed and fear would expose their society to the rest of the realm. She has to play her role and protect Alzena this way.

A day approaches when Sauda must enter an Empyrian ball. This celebration is to ignite the youth into adulthood. A lovely ceremony for all to enjoy, except for the Empyrian royals. They can all have fun but they masquerade themselves as part of the tradition. Sauda finds this annoying since she is not really of royal blood. She just wants to be free and happy. But, at the same time, her duty is to be there for Alzena as well. The true heir of the family. The sacrifice that will never be told.

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