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Somewhere in the southlands... the lonely arena stands in the middle of the desert... the sun is scorching the earth

The arena is packed ... An strong scent of sweat mixed with sand and blood is filling the air. The crowed is enraged by the previous fights... the want MORE!!

The want him... the undefeated champion of the Southern Kingdoms ... the want... BRUTUS!

The announcer rings the bell... the next fighters are called to join the arena. As he walks in the dusty corridor, seeing a seering light at the end of the tunnel, he listen to the usual chants.

bru - tus

bru - tus

the crowed gets louder and louder


Bru - Tus

As he emerged under the scorching sun, the entire arena has turned mad from their thirst for blood



The undefeated champion, Brutus Antagonist of the South, is about to begin his next fight!

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Brutus Antagonist of the South (#899)
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