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Glub Basher of Wizards

Glub was a likable and lowkey goblin. He enjoyed hanging with friends, brewing his own kombucha, and telling stories over the campfire. Most everyone in Goblin Town thought he was the kind of goblin you'd want coaching your daughter's softclub team.

Unbeknownst to his friends and family, however, he harbored a dark secret. He was a wizard basher!

Oh sure, he'd occasionally make wizard jokes, mostly behind their back. Folks took these remarks as off-putting jokes or made excuses for him saying he was the product of a different goblin generation. The truth, though, was more sinister.

Ever since one of those hotshot sorcerers from the Purple Wizard Pavilion stole his girl, Fredrica, he resented wizards and everything they stood for. Who did they think they were turning people into toads and levitating objects!

One day he'd win Fredrica back. Until then, however, Glub had picked up a new hobby, it was wizard bashing season!

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