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Celeste of the Atheneum (#1881)

Owner: 0x48ee…0E78

The Lore of Celeste of the Atheneum

Celeste was born to a working family in the heart of the Red Wizard capital. Always free-minded and strong-willed she learned at an early age that her words could easily scorch others. So she held her tongue to contain the fire from burning hearts. Though her skill with enchantment was innate, the intensity of the power kept her fearful of herself and distant from others during her youth. Worsened yet by the death of her father which made her swear off magick entirely as she blamed herself for years on end. However, luck would not be on her side for this wish; as we all know a Wizard cannot so easily give up their gift. A dark entity saw this as an opportunity to gain a foothold into this world; awaiting the perfect opportunity to take control of Celeste. Subtlely using her magick without her awareness to eliminate any joy within her life. Her family quickly lost status among the other Red Wizards and her mother often left her at the Atheneum for free child care. Many years would pass and Celeste could not shake her curiosity for books. Finding them as one of the only escapes from the loneliness of being a non-magick user who seemed to be surrounded by pain and suffocated by guilt. As she read, this demon that attached itself to her absorbed countless teachings from masters seldom remembered who created runes long forgotten. Until the fateful day came. The eve of her father’s commemoration. This is when the demon chose to attack, revealing its true form and its cultivated power. Howbeit, when the demon came out of hiding the many years of secret knowledge Celeste absorbed and it buried within her mind was now hers as well. An intense battle raged on in a timeless space for many days, both unable to best the other. Celeste, feeling more powerful than she has ever felt in her life, eventually found the answer to this riddle. Burn the demon with the truth, combating the cold lies it spread in her head. Now easily outmatching her foe, she was left with power, anger, and a choice. Scatter this demon’s intelligence into the void and give up her Magick for good or let it win allowing it to spread turmoil across the land while retaining the feeling of self-worth she so desperately searched for. Never holding anyone’s belief above her own she constructed a third answer, not found in any story from the Atheneum, out of pure revolt against the destiny others would set for her. She reclaimed her fate and title of Wizard in the aftermath of that battle as she was able to entrap the demon in her white rat; cursing it to tell the truth whenever she asks. No longer fearful of her power, she says she only survived that day not because of her scarred heart, but because of hope. Hope, that one day she would feel the self-Love she thought died with her father. Celeste is now traveling the lands helping others create new ways of battling the darkness finding bits of self-Love along the way.

Entered by: 0x48ee…0E78 and preserved on chain (see transaction)