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Runecaster Ozohr of Limbo (#2262)

Owner: 0xB2c0…2438

"All knowledge sits at the fore of the Minds Eye. I cannot see, but that does not mean I do not understand." -Ozohr

The Leyline Investigation.

A wondrous breeze of crisp mountain air skims Ozohr's face as his footprints dot the snowy path.

The gentle hum of magic leylines deep within the mountain pass groan against the dominating weight of the cosmic sky.

"Hmmm. Turbulence... but nothing out of the ordinary."

Ozohr picks up a mana crystal buzzing with starlight, eyeing it first, then pocketing it in his leather pouch. These types of crystals are not supposed to form here, usually suspended high in the Runic Constellations.

A disapproving frown appears on Ozohr's face as a great rumble echoes through the silent peaks. The leylines are moving.

"Not good."

Further research is necessary.

Entered by: 0xB2c0…2438