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The Epic Tale of

The Green Wizard Milo and the Goblet of Immortality

In Runiverse, where stars did shine,
A wizard green as the forest pine
Milo of the Wood, he was known
With bright green eyes, hat and cape shown
And a goblet, a prize for deeds most fine

A dragon fierce, in the Hall of Cats
Did threaten all, with fiery spats
But Milo, brave and true
Fought with might and virtue
And saved the hall, with dragon bane cats

The goblet, a reward for his deeds
Immortality, it did cede
A powerful tool, in his hand
With it, his magic did expand
His foes, by its power, were led

Through the land, he did roam
Battling foes, throughout his wooded home
His power, it did grow
As he faced every foe
His legend, in song and tale, did expand

But with power, came great responsibility
For immortality, his soul was the fee
He used it wisely and well
For good deeds, and feats for sale
Milo of the Wood, his name echoes still in history.  
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